The following changes were introduced with July 2004 production, and MINIs built from this date onward were commonly referred to as facelift models.

Exterior ChangesEdit

  • Redesigned headlights, the biggest change being the switch from standard to projector beam lighting for the optional xenon lights
  • Redesigned taillights, with reverse lights incorporated and the fog light socket moved to the bottom (bumper) position formerly occupied by the reverse light
  • New bumpers front and rear on R50 models
  • New 3-slat radiator grill with smooth front grill surround

Interior ChangesEdit

  • 3-piece dash replaced 5-piece unit
  • Clock moved from the headliner just next to the mileage read-out in speedometer
  • Additional lighting:
    • Map lights and cascade LEDs located on the center of the top windshield frame
    • LEDs in the door handles
  • Additional storage:
    • Door pull moved out, allowing more room in the door pocket
    • Utility box storage in cubby hole between dash down-tubes
    • Handbrake console with storage tray and enlarged rear cup holder
  • Radio with larger volume knob and MP3 compatible CD player
  • Larger rear view mirror
  • Extra sun visor integrated into driver side
  • Grab handle integrated into passenger side

Performance ChangesEdit

  • 5-speed Getrag gearbox replaces problematic Midlands unit in R50 models
  • 5th generation Eaton supercharger replaces 4th generation unit in Cooper S models
  • Engine power increased (+7 hp / +7 lb/ft) in Cooper S models
  • ECU changes on Cooper S models to produce exhaust burble on deceleration
  • Transmission gear ratios revised for better acceleration