The following changes were introduced with August 2010 production, and MINIs built from this date onward were denoted by BMW as LCI (Life Cycle Impulse) models.

Exterior ChangesEdit

  • New bumper fascias
  • Redesigned taillights with LEDs to optimize both the signaling effect and contemporary appearance
  • Relocated reverse lights on R56 and R57 models, from the taillight to the bumper and housed in the same space as the rear foglights
  • Larger front foglights
  • Redesigned side scuttles
  • Functional front brake cooling ducts on Cooper S models

Interior ChangesEdit

  • Addition of ambient lighting which can be varied in five stages from warm orange to sporting blue
  • Light beige headlining replaced grey as standard
  • Enhanced acoustic attenuation added throughout the car to reduce road and tire noise

Performance ChangesEdit

  • Anti-torque steer programming built into power steering
  • Engines upgraded to provide lower emmissions, better gas and mileage and more power:
    • +3 hp for One
    • +2 hp for Cooper
    • +9 hp for Cooper S
Note: Upgraded engines were introduced in March 2010 for the European market