The following index contains links to Official MINI Installation Instructions and unofficial fitting guides. General model compatibility for each guide is shown, and in the case where a retrofit kit has a single part number, a RealOEM Parts Cross-Reference link is also provided. To ensure compatibility of a retrofit kit, a RealOEM part number search should be done based on model and build date.



Aero Kit R56
Airbag Warning Light (Reset) 1st Gen
Alarm System R50, R53
Alarm System R56


Boot Sill Protector 1st Gen


Door Sill Strips, Illuminated 1st Gen


Fire Extinguisher 1st Gen, 2nd Gen


Grille Badge Holder 1st Gen
Grille Badge Holder 2nd Gen


Heated Seats 1st Gen


JCW Aero Kit 2nd Gen
JCW Aero Kit Brake Ducts 2nd Gen
JCW Gear Lever Knob / Gaiter 1st Gen
JCW Gear Lever Knob / Gaiter 2nd Gen
JCW Handbrake Grip / Gaiter 1st Gen
JCW Handbrake Grip / Gaiter 2nd Gen
JCW Gear Shift Indicator 1st Gen
JCW Gear Shift Indicator 2nd Gen
JCW Roof Spoiler R50, R53
JCW Roof Spoiler R56
JCW Sports Brakes 2nd Gen
JCW Sports Suspension R50, R53
JCW Sports Suspension R56
JCW Strut Brace 1st Gen


Mud Laps, Front 1st Gen
Mud Flaps, Rear 1st Gen
Multi-Function Steering Wheel 1st Gen


Pedals, Alloy 1st Gen


Rear Rack R56


Space-Saver Spare 1st Gen, 2nd Gen
Sunroof Decal R50, R53

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