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Removing Interior BitsEdit

Knee BolsterEdit

  1. Grab the top edge with both hands.

    The bolster is actually two parts glued together. When you pull on it to remove it, reach your fingers around a little deeper to grab the back portion of it. Otherwise, you may hear a crack as the two parts come unglued.

  2. Pull down sharply keeping the pressure toward the direction of the door in order to prevent the bolster from scratching the downtube when it comes free.

    Putting a couple of strips of masking tape on the downtube will protect it from scratching, and will allow pulling straight or more directly on the pins which hold it in place.

  3. Rotate downward and pull out.

    If re-installing the bolster, start by engaging the left hand side hinge point, then the middle and then flexing it a bit to get the right hand one in.
Knee bolster 1 Knee bolster 2 Knee bolster 3