thumb||Media preview of the new MINI on the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1997. Almost a hoax as it was a "skin prototype" based on the modified platform, engine and running gear of a Fiat Punto! It successfully diverted publicity from the arrival of the new Mercedes A-Class and Smart cars.This news clip includes an interview with the late John Cooper.

Quote from John Cooper at the preview launch of the new Rover MINI Cooper in 1997, as seen in the video interview:-

"I think its great (new MINI), its a Mini and its going to be the new MINI, its got a wheel in each corner, it looks like a Mini, I know its a little bigger and its had to be modified slightly for the safety regulations and that sort of thing but I think the team at Rovers have done a wonderful job on it actually and I'm very proud and I'm sure Issigonis in the 21st century would have been very proud of it if he had seen it." John Cooper 1997

thumb|right|401px|New MINI Preview with John Cooper InterviewInterviews with Nick Stephenson (Rover Group Design Director) and John Cooper at the 1997 Frankfurt Motor Show Preview of the New MINI. With BMW investment the MINI (R50) project was being designed and developed by Rover Engineers at Gaydon with production planned for the Longbridge factory.........

thumb|right|400px|New MINI Launch 2001 - Driven TV Programme

Mike Brewer introduces the New 'Rover' MINI to the Classic Mini just before the 2001 Launch, on the Channel 4 Motoring programme 'Driven'.

Here is some launch footage for the 'new' BMW Mini back in 2001


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