Production of the new MINI commenced in March 2001 at BMW Group Plant Oxford, formerly known as the Cowley Plant, ahead of the sales launch in July of that same year.


MINI Clubman Assembly at BMW Group Plant Oxford

By April 2007 the 1,000,000th MINI had rolled off the production line at BMW Group Plant Oxford, and with demand increasing the 2,000,000th MINI was completed at the same factory less than four years later, in October 2010.

For the first generation of MINI, all model variants were produced at the Oxford factory, with the exeption of the MINI John Cooper Works GP Tuning Kit, for which final assembly was undertaken by Italy, rep

ortedly in part as compensation of the discontuation of the BMW C1 enclosed scooter model.

As of 2010, MINI had a second production facilty in Graz, Austria, where production of the MINI Countryman is undertaken. With this, the MINI Countryman became the first of the new MINI range to be fully assembled outside of the UK.

Production Figures by YearEdit

Full series production of the MINI began in 2001. Ahead of launch, sales were predicted to reach 100,000 units per anum. The following is a list of reported production figures for the new MINI range from 2001 to the most recently available full-year figures.

  • 2001 - 42,395
  • 2002 - 160,037
  • 2003 - 176,366
  • 2004 - 189,492
  • 2005 - 200,119
  • 2006 - 188,077
  • 2007 - 222,875
  • 2008 - 232,425
  • 2009 - 216,538
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